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A black linocut print on warm paper showing a dinosaur with large back plates and a spiked tail.

The Last Stegosaur

linocut, 5 x 5 inches, edition of 12 (2024)

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A woodcut print of a dinosaur carcass in shallow water with two small birds bathing nearby.

AMNH 5060 (The Flood) [State II]

woodcut, 13 x 14 inches, edition of 15 (2022-23)

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Two linocut prints stacked vertically: the top one is of a stylized Pterosaur and the bottom is of a pumpjack.


linocut, 8 x 13 inches, first edition of 5, second of 10 (2023)

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A monotype print of a red Kong dog toy on a swirling dark background.


monotype, 19.5 x 12 inches (2022)

An oil painting of the gnarled yellow, white, and grey texture of a weathered rock.


oil, 36 x 52 inches (2019)

A collaged monotype print with text cuttings and a greco-roman bust pasted onto it. Black clouds swirl in from the right.

Murder Poem

collage monotype, 7.5 x 9 inches, (2023)

An abstract monotype print of green and red gnarled Madrone tree bark.

Madrone 2

monotype, 7 x 11 inches (2022)